Every day is pancake day!

We know it's not National Pancake Day for a while (have to think of some Christmas recipes soon) but I gave in to my guilty pleasure today of browsing breakfast recipes and a simple one for pancakes jumped off the page on http://www.cookinglight.com/microsites/3-ingredient-pancakes-recipe/?xid=un_site_hp_ck_20150914_pancakes
I just tweaked it a little bit but the praise should really go to the innovative people at cookinglightdiet.com
So, here it is:
1 medium sized ripe banana
2 tbsp of Jake's Boost Superboost Spread
2 tbsp of gluten-free rice flour 
1/4 of a tsp of cinnamon (could use vanilla as well)
Squash the banana with a fork until mushy, add the rest of the ingredients and whisk (I didn't make it too smooth, I like bits of banana)
Pour to tbsp of mixture into a non-stick pan and turn until both sides are golden brown
You can use any topping you like, we at Jake's Boost are massive fans of Islandic Yoghurt but a bit of fruit, some chopped nuts and maybe even some dairy-free (beware of the sugar content though) will be a perfect accompaniment.