Nice Cream!

We've been asked about our special low-sugar, low-fat ice cream a lot over the weekend so we thought even though the first Christmas adverts are already on TV, you might still enjoy a bit of this frozen fluffy delight.
All you need is:
1 banana, sliced and frozen (slice before freezing)
1-2 tsp of Jake's Boost Superboost spread
1 tsp of greek yoghurt or natural yoghurt if you prefer ( we have tried it once with coconut yoghurt, delish'!)
1 pinch of vanilla or cinnamon to taste 
1 handful of almond flakes or chopped walnuts 
If it is not sweet enough for you, use a dash of agave syrup (the sugar content is slightly lower than in honey)
Get your blender out, chuck it all in, whizz and your ice cream is ready, it's that easy! And we'll promise you won't miss the cream one bit.
Scoop it into a bowl, on top of fruit if you like, and enjoy!
Another tip on the side: to clean your blender, fill it about 1/3 with clean water, put the lid on and let the blender run for a few seconds, pour the water out rinse. It will save you a lot of cleaning time. 
Send us a pic on Instagram of your creation :), here is ours: