Super Boost popcorn balls

We made some really simple Superboost Popcorn Balls, just because!
It'll be difficult to find popcorn without additives (sugar/salt) so it's better to make your own and I promise it won't take long. Pour a teaspoon full of vegetable oil (rapeseed oil works best) into a cast-iron pan/pot and cover the bottom with corn kernels, keep over a medium heat. Afetr a few minutes you'll start to hear a popping sound coming from the pan. Don't turn up the heat to rush the process, it'll burn the kernels but also might ruin your pot/pan. 
In a seperate pot, heat up and liquidize some honey or agave syrup before adding a few teaspoons of Jake's Superboost- add vanilla or cinnamon as you like. 
Once the popping noise subsides, empty the popped kernels into a bowl and pour the honey or agave syrup and Jake's Boost mixture on top. Mix it well with a spoon and let it cool for a bit, then shape mixture into bitesized balls. Lay out on a tray and pop into the fridge to cool further. 
All in all, it shouldn't take you longer than 15 minutes and ready is a perfect treat as an accompaniement to your afternoon or coffee. Why not take some to the office the next day and brighten up your colleagues' day? Tomorrow we'll make some granola bars for National Granola Bar Day (I was surprised too....).
Happy Munching!