CacaoBoost Butter, 190g

CacaoBoost Butter, 190g

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Rich & chocolatey, slightly bitter with espresso notes- this is your favourite high quality dark chocolate in a jar without the rubbish. Creamy peanuts, chia and cocoa nibs for crunch. Stir it into smoothies, add it to brownies, muffins and energy balls- or just grab a spoon and tuck in. We won’t judge.

Ingredients: High-Oleic Argentinian peanuts, cacao nibs, chia seeds

No sugar, salt and never ever any palm oil. Registered with The Vegan Society.



Energy:... 2526kj/611kcal

Fat:... 51.3g, of which saturates:... 10.4g

Carbohydrates:... 19.82g, of which sugars:... 4.47g

Fibre:... 13.5g

Protein:... 24.3g

Sodium: trace