SuperBoost Snack Pot, 35g

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Our premium nut and seed spread & naturally air dried fruit crisps- snack ready in a pot. Move over sugary cereal bars, there’s a new craving buster in town! Jake’s Boost snack pots are as revolutionary as they are yummy: a portion pot of our signature Jake's Boost SuperBoost spread with a handful of natural air-dried English apple crisps that can be used to scoop out the lovely nut butter goodness, we call them "Apple Spoons"(see what we did there?)- for a quick munch in between meals, on the go, after a workout or just because- we dare you to just have one!




Energy:... 2769kj/671kcal

Fat:... 60.85g, of which saturates:... 7.45

Carbohydrates:... 16.31g, of which sugars:... 3.25g

Fibre:... 9.84g

Protein:... 19.3g

Sodium:... trace


Fruit Slices:

Energy:... 1335kj/330kcal

Fat:... 0.5g

Carbohydrates:... 93.5g, of which sugars:... 68g

Fibre:... 14.5g

Protein:... 2g

Vitamin C:... 15.5g